Why do guys always have to say hi first?

Why is this? Even if it's only a friends situation do guys have to be the first one to say hi?

I saw one of my older sister's friends (5 years older) at the store yesterday. She was like following me around the store and kept walking by me pretending not to see me. I'd look over and she'd stand there reading a magazine lookin out of corner of her eye waiting for me to say hello. She's literally drop dead gorgeous and much older than me but waiting for me to say hi? Why?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If a girl refuses to speak to you unless you initiate, it can mean a variety of things. She could be shy, she could be interested in you, or she could just be super stuck up and expecting everyone to kiss her feet. Also, not all women are like that.

    • That's a tough one, she's super cool but intimidating because she's gorgeous. She has a boyfriend so and super hot so I figured if she wanted to talk she'd come up and say hi

    • Maybe she feels as if she'd be cheating if she initiated conversation with you. It' a little silly, but that could be it

    • It was silly, I kept watching her and she'd like walk by and stop and linger then disappear then come back around, watching me from the corner of her eye. If I looked or noticed her she'd stop and linger. I'm like OMG want is going on! Lol

What Guys Said 2

  • Cause of ego. Unless you're a real stud yourself, they won't risk their reputation by going up to you and saying hi to you first instead.

  • Don't try to understand the female species bro. Your mind will get fucked up