Did I screw up or what?

Spent all day at the beach with woman I am seeing. We both had our kids with us, at the end of the day when we were leaving I gave her a hug and i think she really wanted me to kiss her?
I didn't out of respect because her son was there... it would have been our first kiss and I want to put more into it when we do, and would not have with kids around... did I screw up or what... been melting my brain over this!!!


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What Girls Said 2

  • no. that was sweet of you to think of her sons feelings. save the touchy feely moments for when it's just the two of you

    • We were supposed to have our first one on one date tonight and when I went to confirm our time for tonight she said that there isn't enough chemistry for her to go on a date with me

    • aww, that sucks.. just keep dating other women

    • What I don't get is that everyone around us had something to say about the chemistry that they could see between us and couldn't believe we weren't actually a couple yet

  • No, you didn't. You'll have another chance, don't worry about it.


What Guys Said 1

  • Nah man.. You did the right thing. Im sure her son will be thankful growing up