My "boyfriend" flirts with others bc of his friends and it makes me uncontrolably withdrawal emotionally. What should I do?

My "boyfriend" (we are commited to each other but not dating. We do everything like we're dating- sex, dates, everything. But since I have issues with commitment he left it up to me to decide the fate of our title) will play games with his friends like getting the most numbers from attractive girls and he'll get pressured to talk to girls ig. He will tell me about how he forgot to get a "really hot girls numer" because he got nervous or something. We are really close and we do chat about how attractive people are in general, I even give him tips for his little numbers game. I still can't help but get jealous and push myself away from him emotionally.
He'll call me and text me adorable things and tell me how much he misses me, and can't wait to see me but I can't bring myself to believe it once I'm withdrawn. I think he's genuine with it all, but I don't know. Is this weird? Should I just end it? Talk to him? I don't know


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  • End it if you don't feel the heat


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  • You should probably talk with him about it first, not just end it outright.
    And you should probably define the relationship so that you guys are dating?