Is he interested or am I just wasting my time?

There is a guy that I have known for about two months and he seems very flirty with me. He is a server and I am a hostess and we see each other a lot. He always says hi to me first and he is always bringing me coffee. He will stick his hand up for a high five and when I high five him he always holds my hand. He will also just hold my hand randomly. Sometimes he will hold my hands and pull me closer to him as well. I had a day off and he saw me come in and was like sit in my section and when I did he sat down and held my hand and called me darlin. He doesn't seem to do this to anyone else but does it sound like he is just a flirty person? He is always hugging me too and testing his chin on my head. Sorry for the long paragraph.


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  • Ask him what he wants with you


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  • I think he is interested.