I don't want to ask him to hangout but he wants me to?

So when i started talking to this guy he initiated to meet along with texting. Now he wants me to be in his shoes, which is awkward as hell to me since I never had to peruse any guy i dated. He asked me why i haven't asked him to chill, since he already asked me first... I asked him to hang out this time and I don't plan on doing it again. I think he's trying to test my interest in him and i find it childish... should i go along with it or just keep on dealing with other guys and not take him serious anymore?


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  • Why is it such a big deal for you to ask him to hang out? Relationships of ANY kind require everyone involved to put in work.

    Don't expect the guy to do all the work

  • I don't think his request is childish at all. When he has to initiate everything always, maybe he feels like you're not entirely interested or very serious. If you don't want to ask here and there, then don't waste your time with him. However, I do think your views are unfair and a bit unrealistic going forward.