Why is this girl acting like that?

She used to ignore me, perhaps to show me that she wasn't interested in dating. Then, she starts talking to me a lot again and it really seems like she wants to be friends again. After that, she starts to take her distances. She doesn't engage in conversation as much as before even though she's still really nice to me when we actually talk and she really seems interested in what I say when we actually talk. We didn't get into any fights P. S : Today, I was struggling with my homework and she gave me her homework (she sits behind me and I didn't ask for her homework, she just gave it to me) and when I gave it back and said thank you, she smiled. Also, she told my friend to shut up when he tried to make fun of me


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  • Seems to me like she's leading you on? she might not mean any harm by it but Its certainly taking its toll on you. Have you asked her out yet? if you haven't she's probably sending you mixed signals or probably nothing at all. It's best to ask before making any conclusions or any rash decisions. If it doesn't work out. move on. :) Sounds tough my friend I know.

  • Maybe she likes you, but unsure if you like her back.


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