Feeling like giving up?

31, good job with retirement plan set, paid off car about to buy a house STILL can't seem to find "the one" or true love some people say I'm picky but I don't think so just know what I want someone who haa goals and all I want is someone who knows how to love and take care of a guy any advice for a guy ready to just give up?


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  • don't give up... keep searching


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  • im sure you can find a better girl. dont give up

  • Which is it. Goals, or knows how to love and take care of a guy?

    I mean both is sort of possible, but are you looking for someone who would be primarily a wife and mother, or someone who has a career drive similar to you?

    • This is true I honestly think I would want someone with the same career goals so we can achieve and build together

    • So a somewhat modern woman, but not one who is entitled, someone who can me a mature adult in a relationship, caring about your needs and being clear about hers, someone who can be a lifelong partner.