When would you call it quits?

How long would you wait (of not seeing each other), before you call it quits?
boyfriend of 2 years and I got into a fight, didn't see him for a week, then he left out of state so another 2 weeks, he came back on Monday... today is Wednesday (still haven't seen him)!


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  • I think you should call him see if he wants to meet up and talk about us and the future. If he doesn't and says no or doesn't have the time then make the ultimatum to him.

    • I've called him and he avoids my calls, and he told me that he is hurt, and scared etc, and that he will let me know how he feels... but I cannot wait forever!

    • Ultimatum time. Tell him to man up and if you he wants a future with you instead of running you have to work out problems. If he doesn't I would break up with him. Me and my wife when we was dating never went more than a day when it came to cooling off after a big fight.

    • Well... he moved out a month ago, out of my place, and I even went to see a therapist, so I feel a bit responsible for starting the fights. But he is being unreasonable. I agree, ultimatum time!

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  • I think you should call to find out if you are done and be prepared to move on.


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  • You need to have closure; so call him and at least talk to him about it


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