He moves way too fast?

We met 3 months ago and started dating 2 months ago. Out of those 2 months he was on a business trip in another country for 3 weeks. We saw each other around 10 times so far, maybe a bit more. Anyways, I really really like this guy. And I liked him way more then he liked me when we first met, I was completely in love with him after the first date. But I'm not the kind that goes overly excited and shows it, I kept my insane butterflies for him as a secret lol because I think it was too much and that it will scare him away. So I was always normal, never too much and never too little attention. But in the last few weeks he has become way more comfortable then I think it's normal. He has shown some "domination" signs like I'm his property (not too much though), he added some of my friends on facebook (that he didn't even met yet), he is liking/commenting on every single thing I post on my facebook, he even called me "his bitch" jokingly the other day (and I didn't like it). He used to compliment me a lot before and he used to be careful with his words and actions, and now not so much. When he comes over my place he goes straight to the kitchen making himself something to eat or a coffee and would just toss himself on the couch with his feet up high like he owns the fucking place. He goes on my PC without even asking (to check for movies or some playlist). My intercon was ringing and he got up and answered it. Like wtf? I mean I am all cool with this after SOME TIME, but I don't feel comfortable because I'm not there yet. It turns me off. I've been single for almost 2 years and I got use to being by myself, so all this is kinda freaking me out. I like him, I really do, I love spending time with him and sex is just amazing... But how do I change this? How do I tell him to slow down a bit without sounding bitchy? Or is this just me and his behavior is normal?


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  • No, this guy has no respect for normal boundaries. in my opinion he is WAY over the line, using your computer without asking. The real problem is that he doesn't seem to respect you at all. Behavior can change but a general lack of respect s a permanent problem.


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  • Well, yes you need to tell him what is bothering you since y'all are kind of in a relationship pretty or just seriously dating. Communication is important. Dont let this build up bc one day you will explode and that can end things badly.

    So its how you say it, not what you say. He may think y'all are together so he is showing you how he really is now bc at first, everyone wears a mask to get you and then you start seeing things that may or may not bother you.

    The facebook thing definitly needs to be addressed First and the other things around the house... he is just comfortable and you said yourself your just used to it just being you so compromise. Dont let him relaxin on the couch like that bother you bc he is just being comfortable. Same for the PC. he does nt feel he needs to ask since y'all are an item pretty much. Those are small petty things.

    Now the intercom is different. its not his place so let him know nicely that you dont like that and that you are to ans when it goes off.

    Guys cannot read our minds and if you dont let a person know that something is bothering you, they are not gonna stop and that is not healthy. So always communicate and do it with kindness. If he really likes you, he won't get mad and will make a change.