Is he being serious about this or not?

This guy and I have a complicated past, recently we starting hooking up (after me suggesting it), we've talked everyday, some days more than others. Some of the talk about sex and most about everyday life. He mentioned one night that it's more than just physical between us and he's seeing how it plays out. He lives about an hour away so recently when making plans for him to come over he suggested getting dinner and drinks with friends. He did however state a few times that it "isn't a date so we don't think it is". I'm wondering his intentions in this, I'm the one who suggested hooking up and instead of wanting to come over again he's wanting to go out with friends, but making sure I knew it wasn't a date. Is he trying to just be friends or is he looking to see how he feels about me in a causal no pressure setting? Is he being serious about this?


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  • You're an idiot. ANY guy would say yes to sex if a woman offered


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  • I don't think he is.