What do men think about attractive women in 30's without kids?

I am 34 and attractive but I have never been married or had children. What do men assume about women like me? I am constantly getting hit on by divorced men with children. I've dated men with children and I don't want an ex wife in the picture, don't want to raise kids I have no say in discipline and I want to get married and have a child of my own. Divorced dads generally don't want the same things I do but they constantly search for a "fresh start" ... And find me. What's the easiest way to get rid of them? I've had many lie and say they want more children to get me, hoping I'd change my mind. I'm getting older I want a proper honeymoon, wedding and a child of my own. I don't have time to waste with people who don't want the same things as me. Yet they won't leave me alone. Please help!


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  • It gets harder and harder for women the older they get (or so i hear), one of the reasons why i don't blame em for wanting to hurry and start young like in the 20's. I still recommend patience. There are still guys out there who are unmarried and unencumbered with kids, you'll run into one eventually.
    Worst case comes to the worst, you might just have to settle for one of those baby daddies. Choices at this point are either that, patience or a younger guy.

    • I have tried dating men with children and it's not so much the kids it's just the whole situation. At this point I'd rather just adopt some cats and give up on dating than date a guy with kids again. I have a great career and I can support myself financially. I would agree. I might have to date younger. I've also thought about having a child through a sperm bank by myself or dating an older man whose kids are grown.

    • those are more options as well.

  • Just tell them to f*** off the second you see them. Easy peasy. So what if you're saying no to 90% of the dating pool? That's why I always turn down any woman who's not a virgin. I DEMAND virginity - yay me! LOL

  • Probably that your standards are too high. Being good-looking, even very good-looking, just isn't enough for a woman to get a high-quality man for a committed relationship these days. The competition is really tough.


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