Guys, What does it mean when a guy does couple-like things with you but never makes a move?

There is a guy that I have been talking to/seeing for a few weeks that started out as a hookup between friends of friends. However, he invited me to a movie/drinks and the next week we went to the beach for an entire day. I invited him into my apartment at the end and he stayed for a couple hours but never made a move.

He is even coming to my birthday party and joked that, because he can't get a gift, that he wants to make it up to me with breakfast the next morning, which seems suggestive. But I am confused because he hasn't made any moves on the dates that we've had.

Not sure if it is a shy thing, since it started out as a hookup.


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  • He's probably one of the shy types. Sometimes you need let him know that it's okay to make a move. I'm the same way.

  • i have this with my girl right now, i'm too unsure if she'd reject me with me wishes