Anyone ever in the same situation as me? Or just have advice on what to do?

I really fell for this girl, and got closer to her each day. We talk on social media and text all the time. It wasn't until recent I found out she was hanging out with another dude. I got rather sad, and sort of stopped messaging her. She was going to hang out with that same guy that night, and I just needed a little bit to get over myself. She took notice very quick, and kept asking me what was wrong, am I mad at her, etc. I told her it was fine, I'm not mad, and she told me she cancelled on the guy, saying he was "lame", and stopped mentioning him until recently. Me and her were best snapchat friends (little red heart), and now her and him are (that just felt like defeat). Now, she talks to him a lot, and flirts with him, but she still does the same with me. I asked her to hang out, and she said she had to get her schedule. However, she keeps telling me she wants to hang out and do stuff, keeps making plans but no dates. I don't know what to do or how to go about it, any ideas?


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  • Well, I think the answer is obvious. Ask her out on a real date. You can't really get mad at her for dating or talking to other guys when you haven't even mustered the courage to tell her how you feel. You can't expect anything from her.

    Either you do that or keep your options open as well and find someone to talk to and hang out with as well.


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  • Never be a girl's Texting buddy.

    You are now her beta bitch she can regulate the backup boyfriend duties too while she was looking for a man. She is still testing this guy to see if he is boyfriend material and has probably fucked him.

    She is keeping you around as a safe guard. Drop her and find a girl that loves you.


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  • Technically she can date other people because she is single. Seems like you're catching feelings for her or you're just jealous about her hanging with another guy (which is understanding to possibly feel that way)

    If she's always pushing u to the side, I think you should consider keeping ur options open. Fair is fair. If things become different with u guys and she starts going out with u more, shows signs that she likes u and u still really like her then maybe u can talk to her about being exclusive.


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