Was he just flirting?

I met this cute guy on the bus on my way to a foreign country. He was 35 and im 22 and he was very romantic with me, he started just chatting with me and my friend and later on he kept making this comments in arabic and my friend understood him, he said things like ; ''your eyes are killing me'' and ''beautiful'' and then later on when my friend was a sleep we made out and he kept looking at me hahahaha i felt so flattered but... i dont know if he was serious, he did woke the whole bus up to write my number down but i found he has a ''gf'' , i wasn't interested but i just gave him my number cause he is a good kisser hahhaaha very good... did he really like me? or was he just joking? he didn't call me or anything but that could be because he is Phone isn't working in a foreign country... or was he just ''horny'' and a huge flirt?


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  • Some people are just flirty. There's nothing wrong with that. Just because someone gives you a compliment, it doesn't mean they like you.


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  • He wanted a side piece. You took the bait and became said side piece.


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