Does telling someone you miss them hint that you like them?

I've been messaging this guy back home, while I'm overseas. I messaged him to say i miss him but I'm too afraid to tell him that I'm in love with. He says it back too and how he was thinking about me. Ever since then, that has been our dialogue of either me saying I miss him or him saying it back. Is this our way of saying we like each other? Or is it just that?


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  • I think so. Thinking about it, I have only told my female friends I miss them but never a guy friend. I would tell a guy I liked I miss him and if I did I feel it would be in a flirtatious way. It also seems in your scenario that he might like you. It depends on where you were at before you left too. Have you been friends for a very long time? If so, it might just be friendly. So, it depends also on other things that I don't know.

    • We were casually seeing each other for a few months. He's told me month before I was leaving that he was going to really miss me and that it rare to fine someone as real as me. But we never really discussed what we were or how we really feel i. e. i like you blah blah. i dont know

    • Oh, well then you already know he likes you obviously. If you were casually seeing each other, it is not a commitment but it means you like each other at the least.


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  • Nope it sounds vague. These days Words are just words.

  • I think it's a way of saying you like him and he likes you. would you say it to someone you don't like?