Is he a player and a liar?

I've been talking to a boy for a couple of months and we've gone on a couple dates. Recently it seemed like he didn't really want to talk so I asked him if he didn't want to talk anymore, and he apologized and said that he really wanted to keep talking. We talked for a while, and then he randomly said: "Yeah a dog and two cats Hbu?" And then "Oh gosh wrong person lol sorry". I responded "No you're good! What pets does she have?" To which he responded "A dog. It was an old friend who just got back from college!" All my friends call BS, and I agree. We're still talking, but it's been almost two weeks and it feels kind of forced. I still like him but he seems like such a player. About a week ago, he started snap chatting me shirtless, and we've been snap chatting fairly regularly since, but last night after we'd been talking for a while I asked him what he was up to (a fairly normal question for us) and he opened it but didn't reply. He was so sweet on our dates and my family seems to really like him, but I can't tell anymore if he's a player or not or even if he's a good person. Thoughts?


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  • it is BS unless you want to be another notch in his belt
    i would just talk and nothing more.


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  • I honestly believe most guys you meet online are players. It's naive to think you'll be exclusive to him. I would go with your gut. People can lie and deceive you , but your intuition will guide you who to trust.