Is it possible to like someone so much that you are so afraid to date them because your afraid that the friendship could be ruined in the future?

Me and this guy have been friends since the beginning of the school year. And last month we decided we both really liked each other. When i would ask him how he felt he would say, " i really do like you but i'm so afraid that if we broke up our friendship will be ruined and my others friends in our group will be pissed at me if we broke up." I told him that i agreed and i said that i still really like him but i think its best that we just be friends because that's what you want and i also am afraid of ruining our friendship. He said " I completely agree!" But then only a day after i told myself okay "just move on and just cherish your friendship and all will be good" but then we hung out after school with other friends for graduation and he told his friend that he still liked me. So i found out and i didn't know how to feel. He was touching, flirting, sitting right next to me the whole time, and talking to me the whole graduation. All i could think about was kissing him and we both kept looking at each others lips. I am really so confused and i dont' know what to do right now. I want him so bad and i feel he does too, but why won't he grow some balls and just get over the fact that we like each other too much to be JUST FRIENDS? Someone please just give me advice on what to do :)


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  • You both should sit down and decide what you want and for good. This can'g go on forever.


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  • Yes but sometimes you have to take a risk

    • He is being so stubborn and has said multiple times he is so afraid of ruining our friendship, it is so exhausting :(