Why do some people who are looking for monogamy think it's cool to date multiple people at once early on?

Like I see people all the time say that they will date like five different people and just see which one they like the best before dropping all the others? Why is this seen as okay. I even see professional articles encouraging women to date multiple guys early on to save time. And I hear many guys do this as well. Like if I found out that I was just one of like 5 other guys a girl was dating I'd leave in a heart beat even if she chose me. It's just so disrespectful. People are just being reduced to nothing more than clothing shopping. Just trying on different styles and sizes to see which fits which is screwed up to do with people.


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  • But you're not exclusive so why can't you

    • So if you saw a guy for like two dates so far and you think you were really going to like and want to be with him and then the next day after the second date you see him on a date with another girl you'd be completely cool with that?

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  • They technically aren't cheating but I agree with you, I'd immediately dump a girl if I found out she was doing that to me.

    Plus there's a good chance she's already fucking one of them. So if Im taking her out and waiting for her to decide how she feels about me but there's this other guys she's already fucking, clearly she's more into that guy.


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  • Thats just stupid mann,, one person at a time!