Why does my boyfriend acts like this?

We were chatting on whatsapp and I asked him a basic question. He saw it and didn't reply. I thought he had something to do so I didn't care. When I came back half an hour later he already became online and still didn't answered it. Why does he do it? Is it reallyhard to give a simple answer?


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  • Tell him in person that you expect him to answer you when you have asked him a question. It's common courtesy and basic manners.. Me and my boyfriend always respond to each other's question and never read something but then not reply unless we literally cannot respond. Communicate this to him in person (very important) and make sure he understands how it makes you feels. Don't be angry or passive aggressive. Just communicate your thoughts with care.


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  • What did you ask him?

  • what did you ask him? O_o

    • he played some card games with his friends. and i asked who were them?

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    • then girl stop overthinking

    • its not that easy. anyway thanks.

  • Just wait for his answer. And never write anything before he reply your question as *hey, answer me. What are you doing?* be cool. And when he reply you, don't reply him back fast get your revenge and make him wait as he did to you.

    • wow that really worked. he replied and i didn't care. 2 hours later he write something else. thanks lol :D

    • Lol you're welcome

  • He doesn't care about you. That is the only possible reason for someone checking message and not reply a person.

    • he replies. but sometimes 10 minutes sometimes 30 minutes later

    • Talk about it with him. Verify your thoughts. See if things change.