I'd like to get a general conscensus of how many girls will initiate a text to a guy?

Just looking for the girls opinions here. How many of you dont mind initiating a text to a guy first and how many of you stay away from texting a guy first even though you find him attractive and interesting?

I've been texting this girl, but she has never initiated a text. She will reply pretty quickly though and will tease me, as do I. The conversation seems to flow too. Guess im abit confused


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  • The very first text message I prefer to be from the guy. But from there I'm very balanced on initiating texting.

  • I almost always text first.

  • I don't text first.

    • Explain why at least

    • It is me testing his interest level. If he doesn't text me, I'll know he was not that interested. Also I don't like chasing a guy. Guys are not like girls, they always say yes to any girl because of the possibility of sleeping with her. As it progresses though, I will initiate texts but in the beginning no.

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