Girls night out and my boyfriend is mad?

Went out last night with my best friend and we met up with a few of her friends all girls at a local bar my boyfriend actually went with his friends also last night I kinda got drunk but I didn't do anything bad I stayed with my friends the whole time my boyfriend was suppose to stay over my house but he didn't call me till 4am and I fell asleep so he didn't stay over. I feel like he's angry for me getting kinda drunk but my best friend drove me home and everything and even she said you did nothing wrong she didn't drink cause she had to drive. I feel like he's really mad at me he's barely talking to me today and doesn't even want to hangout today. We have been dating for 7 months and I barely ever go out with my friends.


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  • Just kiss him and suck his dick. He'll be fine.


What Girls Said 2

  • If he's making you feel like you can't go out with your friends then you need to tell him to let you have your own space. If this is the first time, then just reassure him and be extra sweet. He might have been mad due to being worried about you. Find out the reason behind his behaviour then see how you feel.

  • Boys are really insecure so when you went out he probably thought the worse
    You need to ask him even if it causes a heated discussion or an argument, the issue will be resolved which is good.