Is she just leading me on?

So I'm 15 years old, and I have met this girl today that all the guys in my class obsess over, she gave me her phone number and I gave her mine, and I asked her out on a date in the park with our friends. We didn't really know each other but we got out with our friends anyway and we had a fun time, after like 15 minutes of walking around and playing she said "Wow... We started liking each other in just 15 minutes" and I was like "Wait what?" and she said "Oh... Failed, never mind" and I replied "Hey, it's okay... We should know each other more" And I smiled slightly. So we were kind of playing a dancing game and she was the leader, she told everyone else to look up while me and her are supposed to look down, then she instructed to do the opposite. So after a good time of having fun everyone went home except me and her and she seemed a little excited and said "I had lots of fun today, thanks a lot!" and I said "Me too" and she hugged me tight, so I hugged her back. When I went home I was bathing and I received a message from her saying "I <3 U". I thought something was up and maybe she's a little crazy. I also thought that she was just leading me on and playing games with me since we did a dare where we both checked our smartphones' contacts, and she had LOTS of contacts on her phone, so I had a hypothesis that maybe she's just leading me on with other guys. What is this supposed to mean?


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  • I have no clue. She really sounds insane though.

    • I know right? But in other aspects, she's brilliant, she's smart, funny, energetic, creative and lots of other things, but she's VERY gorgeous, and guys stare at her a lot XD But I don't know why a girl like her would act like this though, I still want to know if she likes me or just playing mind games.

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  • I would say just go with the flow. Just do you and see what happens, no need to freak out or confront her about it. A quote I heard from someone went something like this: "Every guy wants to be her boyfriend, why not be the guy who just wants to have fun. Don't be too serious about it until you've put a ring on her finger." Obviously you're only 15 so you're not gonna put a ring on her finger but still. Just do you and see where it goes. If she is a girl with a lot of options, she's not gonna want a super needy guy.

    Good Luck, it'll work out :)

    • You're right in every word, but the problem is, I barely know her and she did all this in one day which increased my doubts that she's just playing games, I think that she could also have problems with relationships and expressing feelings, thanks for your answer.


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  • I don't think she's playing u but she is interested in you just play it cool and hangout some more bit just a pointer next time you hangout try not to bring ur friends

    • Thanks a lot for the answer it helped.