Is he too young?

There is this cute and nice guy and he just told me he likes me. We've been texting, skyping, phone calling. I'm 18 and he's 16. Opinions anyone? Is this too young?


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  • ok here's my look on it. thats only three years. if you both like each other and can respect one another then i would say go for as long as the other is comfortable with it


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  • He isn't too young, but don't send or receive nudes to/from him.

    • Oh don't worry. I'm not that kind of girl. Like, at all lol

    • There isn't anything wrong with it. I'm a fairly innocent girl an even I've done it. It isn't about his maturity either, but it's classified as child pornography since he's a minor. I wouldn't want you to get into trouble for something like that at all. It wouldn't be pleasant

    • Very true. Thank is for the advice, I've never done it and never will. 😊

  • Your only 2 years older. No big deal.