Embarrassing Second Date :( Help?

So I had met this wonderful guy on Okcupid about 3 weeks ago. And we went on our second date on Friday. When I'm with him, it's always such a fun time. :) Well on this date, he took me out to Top Golf and it was great! We had dinner, drinks and such a fun time playing competitively. Lol. Well I was a little buzzed but still we were both having the time of our lives! After we got done with the game, he wanted to take me to meet his best friends and of course, I said yes and we met them at a bar. There, I drank more beers and he bought me a shot and I was getting drunk so I drank water afterwards but it started getting to the point where I was seeing double. Keep in mind, I think I really made a good impression with his friends cause they told me that they like me and they even gave me a hug so I'm sure that went really well. After leaving the bar, I don't remember anything but me feeling sick and throwing up a little in his car. I don't remember the ride home!! I remember getting emotional and he was consoling me telling it's okay and I remember him walking me to my house and I was hugging him and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and that's all I remember. Next day, I felt awful for what happened (& of course, the hangover. Lol.) so I texted him telling him that I was sorry for what happened. He texted back saying it's really okay and that it happens and he wasn't upset at all. I even asked him if he was still interested in seeing me and he said "Yes :) we will try again on the 3rd date". And I replied, " ok, but no drinks this time. Lol." Cause we love to joke around. Lol. But he hasn't replied since then. So I guess it's been since yesterday and today that he hasn't texted back and before then, we always texted each other everyday so I'm not used to not hearing from him. I regret what I did and I feel like I ruined my chance but he says he's still interested. I don't know what to think or do!! What do I do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Relax he still likes you.

  • Uh, Friday was two days ago. Maybe he had things to do.


What Girls Said 1

  • Take a deep breath and relax. You don't have to talk every day even if you used to, sometimes people get busy. Honestly you didn't even do that badly. It happens even to the best of us lol it's not like you insulted his mother or flirted with his friends. He's already brought up the idea of the 3rd date. If you want to wait until he texts you first because it will make you feel better, then feel free, but I think you're totally fine to proceed as usual.