How do I get a decent male to be interested in me?

have been single for over 11 years and it's really getting to me.

I wouldn't go out with someone that I wasn't interested in or I thought got a bad vibe from them, or they breakmy trust etc.

I haven't had any interest (expressed to me, at least). I'm not a bad person, I try to be funny (some people don't have my taste in humour), nice, down to earth, etc. Although I'm overweight by 15-18 kilograms (2-2.5 Stone), I;m not competely hidous. That is the only reason why I wouldn't be able to receive any positive interest.

Also, I am concerned that if I ever get into the position to be ever seen naked again, the guy would be turned off by my sagging breats.

Late 30's, biological clock tick, and it's driving me nuts.


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  • Depending on your build, that extra weight could show up in different ways. It may be too much for many men to be attracted to you. Plus, honestly, you are not doing yourself a favor by carrying that weight. You should start working at getting that weight down and exercising your muscles. You will be more attractive AND healthier.

    As for saggy breasts, they are a part of life and most men recognize that. They may not be our first choice, but we learn to look beyond that.


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  • Well what type of guys are you lookibg for? Describe the guy you want: body, face, ethnicity, income, etc

  • You don't think it's a little too late for you to be dating? In any case, you would probably want to start looking into men ages 45+.

    • Who said that there was an age limit on dating?

      I thought that it was just something people who were interested in each other to get to know each other before getting into a relationship, no matter what the age. Hmm.

    • And just to be clear, instead of trying to getting into the dating scence, you expect me to be single for the rest of my life?

      judgmental much?

  • Look into your pool of male friends. You clearly find them decent enough to be friends with.


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  • Hi i honestly feel someone is going to find you attractive because in their eyes you are going to be beautiful and u sound like a great person.. so when this person does find interest in you and continues to date you i am sure they will also find your body beautiful as well. Never be ashamed or nervous about your body because just cause one guy or society says its not "cute" trust me in someone's eyes it is. Stay strong hun :)