I kissed my crushs friend?

i been talking to this guy for several montha now we been flirting but nothing official yet. A few weeks ago i found out he became friends with this other guy i used to talk to and seen a few times (nothing had happened just as friends) well on Saturday night i went drinking with some friends and i saw him and we kissed. Im not sure what to do, would he tell his friends about that.


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  • When you are interested in someone, you do not want to hear stuff like that about them especially if they have shown interest too. His friend will talk and depending on their closeness, he will tell this dude not to date you. You're not even dating yet and you're kissing his friends. I'm facing a similar problem with my crush although it's way worse than this. The full story is on my profile here. It is a big turn-off to hear things like this. Your actions define what you're capable of and what kind of person you are. This is a concept that for some reason people fail to grasp.


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably will tell his friend about it, there nothing you can really do if he does spill it it's really up to the guy you're seeing.