She's gorgeous, and amazing.. but is she coming off too strong? Help =/?

What the title said. We did just meet, and can't really hang out much because we are about an hour away from each other so its mostly been texting/snapchat. I've been trying to take things slow, but it seems like she is already set on us dating or being a match.. when we just met. It scares me a little. I barely even had to pursue this girl LOL..

But she's beautiful, and honestly a great girl. I don't know how to maneuver through this..


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  • What would perusing her have meant to you. Is it that she's coming on top strong as in stronger than you would, or just that she came on at all instead of leaving it up to you?

    Is the force what's bothering you or just that it came from her I stead if you.

    I also generally don't see what the fear is. she sket you know so in no uncertain terms she'd like to date. Dating is about deciding if you " want this". If you don't you end it. No big deal. your lucky she's not playing games. And there's nothing going on here that you'll be stuck with. If you want out you exit

    • Maybe your worried that she so quick to like you now all you can do is disappoint her.

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  • It sounds like a great kick off, but what's the catch?
    You gotta be careful. Some girls will act so interested in you and seem to love you. If she's moving that quick, she's either playing you, or she's desperate. Both which are not a pretty sight.
    I'd learn more about her first.

    Spend your time, Save your heart.

    ^Dayum I should claim that^ xD
    But honestly man, do your research. See what she's into, who she's talking to. Is it mostly males? If yes, she's a player/whore.
    Mark my words, I speak on experience


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  • Well it's better than her showing little to no interest at all right? Just tell her you want to take things slow and see if you two have potential.

  • She's fallen into your lap, don't question it! If you want to date her then go for it!

    • It's just happening so quickly, im not even sure if I want this or not.
      Like idek if we have chemistry or not..

    • Just continue to talk to her and stuff and if she tries to push things further tell her you'd like to wait a little longer

  • I can't give you an opinion but I went through the same thing with a guy I like. He thought I came too strong and probably that wasa turn off when for me I tried to makes things slow in order not to sound desesperate like you, but we also were just getting to know each otherbut he thought differently.

    • ^^ i am that guy you're talking about lol. Im still curious if something could happen.. but the pacing of this has just thrown me wayy off.

  • Let her take the lead and enjoy the ride :)


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