Would you still do it?

First of all dont judge me for having a friends with benefits, I don't need anyone mentioning me being under 18 ether. I just need advice for this, so my best friend whom is a guy, long distance sadly. but he has made comments that if we lived closer he'd fight for me, and he calls me baby. all my friends are sure he likes me and I'm convinced he does. I really like him as well, but he has made the comment that he doesn't do long distance. but guys if you really liked a girl, would you still date her even if it means going against your disliking of long distance?

I've seemed to phrase this question wrong, i should have said the guy I'm asking about is the one i have the friends with benefits with


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  • And Second of All You have come to the Right person because I don't Point Fingers here, dear.
    I am a Pro on LDR. I still have a Muslim husband out In Egypt. We are estranged at the moment because I never Returned to him to live out there. I guess you know the Middle East is not the best right now so I am not going back. There are other things too that are Added to my Reasons as well, but I won't go there on this Sore Subject.
    If you both have this Friends with Benefits relationship but only see one another once in a blue moon, he has already told you by being this Honest John that he isn't into Long Distance, so this is probably for the Best on your own Part to know Now where you stand.
    LDR is one of the Hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any. It takes two Special people to be these Team mates so Both you can Pair up as Partners, Ready and Willing to put Extra Effort into this Relationship, or it can Grow and Go dead in the Weepy Waters.
    For now, just be friends, respect his wishes. See one another if you Want or When you can. Remain Friend with Benefits and who Knows... Maybe one day things will Change and go your own Way.
    If Only One is making the Effort, would do anything to be with that person, The Other should as well, if they Really wanted to be with That Someone Special.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, most helpful advice I've gotten!

    • Why, thank you, sweetie, and also for the Like her, dear. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx


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  • Would I date a girl long distance which has friends for benefits? F*ck no.

    • i wrote it wrong, the guy i really like. who doesn't do long distance is the person i have a friends with benefits with.

  • Nope


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  • He's full of bullshit

  • I am sorry, girl. But I doubt he is going to change his mind.