First date advice?

So i met this wonderful girl, and we text all day except when I'm in my summer college courses and she is working. We have been planning on going out for dinner, but our schedules are a tad hectic. I've never been on a date since i was usually on the sidelines, so what exactly should I do? I know to be polite and hold the door for her etcetera etcetera, i was taught that was just common manors, but the main thing I'm worried about is what to talk about. We have already learned a lot about one another just by texting and I'm afraid I won't know what to talk about and it will make her lose interest. Any help?


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  • Read up on some current events so you can talk about that when the conversation comes to a halt.

    Have some fun stories prepared

    Ask her questions about herself

    And relax! And have a good time!

    • Thanks for the advice.

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  • What you were taught was how to treat a lady but in this day and age, there aren't many of those left, especially in this hookup culture. Therefore you may find that your opening doors, pulling out chairs and being a gentleman will eventually bore them because they see it as a weakness. You already mentioned often being left in the sidelines...

    If you are worried about what to talk about, just ask her about herself. This works because she is probably more interested in herself than you.

    • I think this girl is a deviant from the modern cultural landscape. She is very kind and considerate when we text. The surprising thing is that she asks me a lot of questions about my interest and life.

    • Of course she is, it's all an act. After a while, you will see this. When you do, please come back and post here.


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  • Talk about your dreams. Ask her about her dream job. When she's done add your comments and you guys should have a nice long conversation.


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  • dont talk about anything serious. just make jokes and keep it light