Stop talking to her?

This girl and I are pretty close, we always text every day, hang out, she initiates, I initiate its 50/50. Lately, getting ignored though. Well, I asked her if she wanted to go to an event with me, and a few others. Took her a day to respond back, and she said she couldn't make that day (plot twist, the day she said she couldn't make was the wrong day). I said, its not that day, the one after, had a little fun conversation and then she said maybe, let me check. I said ok, "if you can't its fine, but are you available?" No response for hours then I asked, "can you make it? ".

Posting on social media but no reply. I really needed the answer as its sort of time sensitive. We used to talk all the time, had tons of plans over the summer, but now I can barely get a response. I care about her, and always do everything I can for her, and she knows that, but I am frustrated with the fact she doesn't seem to care about me. Should I ask one final time later tonight or just leave things how they are? What would you do, stop talking to her?


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  • Cut her off ✂️she's playing games. Any girl that truly wants you is going to make a better effort to talk and to see you. The things that you described are things I do to guys when I'm not interested in them

    • Damn, ok. Well, tbh, we are just good friends, I'm just kind of upset that she started ignoring me.


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  • She might someone else


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