Texting back/relationship over?

My boyfriend hasn't texted me back in 3 days. We have been dating for 8 months. We've never gotten into an argument. The last time we talked was about murder and youtube (the usual). Just jokes and stuff. The longest he has gone without texting me is a day because he was so busy. I'm use to us texting everyday which it wouldn't be a lot because of work schedules or him being super busy. I've already texted him one more time after he hasn't replied back. We hung out last Monday and everything seemed fine. My friends are like call him. If he was mine, I would show him crazy. Or I'd be blowing his phone up and be at his house. But I don't want to seem crazy or needy. What do I do?


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  • You feeling concerned is understandable. If he hasn't replied to you just wait (even if its waiting for longer at this stage) If it's pass a week then take action and go to his place and what ever else you need to do. If he was simply busy with work, a simple "Sorry, just busy at work" isn't too much to ask. I'm unsure what his doing just stay put till a week

  • What do you mean by "if he was mine"? Is he not yours? Cuz that affects the advice I would give.

    • My friends said that

    • Okay sorry the period in there threw me off. So he is yours, I would call and be real casual but ask "hey, is everything okay?" if he says yes then say "oh good, so do you want to go (insert some date type activity here)?" If he says no, then deal with that accordingly.