Should I get back with my boyfriend?

I've known him for a few years and we were officially together since last fall. Everything was going pretty great but he's constantly insecure cause he thinks he's not very attractive for me, getting mad at me when I look at my phone and little things like that. Besides this insecurity issue he treated me really well. He got really mad at me a few weeks ago because I've been liking some of this guys pictures.. one from my school and one who lives in our city but have never met before. Now that I think about it I understand why he felt hurt I liked a fit guys shirtless picture when's he's not nearly as fit.. but he overreacted and texted me things over night while he was drunk that I was a loser, that I'm a horrible person, swore and called me nasty things. And I'm just like so am I not allowed to like another guys picture? Why is he trying to be so controlling? If someone's supporting my pictures so I'll like some of his back, I'm not doing him or talking to him or anything! So he basically broke up with me and called me a sl*t. I stayed calm, as I'm a really busy person I'm working a lot, going through summer school, found out a health issue I have going to the doctors, just one thing after another. And of course a few days after this happened he wants me back and wants to see me and that he didn't mean anything he said, and texting me long messages how he'll "never do it again" and is begging to have me how he doesn't want me finding somebody else, yet I am overwhelmed with responsibilities right now. Plus, he lives 1-2 hours away. I clearly know he is crying. Do you think he is worth another chance? I understand couples fight but over just a small issue and he took this way too far - I'm not sure if he deserves another chance. What should I do?


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  • at the end of the day it is your decision. He sounds insecure and very controlling, which could result in more problems later on in the relationship. But people do learn very well through pain and discomfort so he might not do it again like he said. So if you think history won't repeat itself I would take him back, and put him on probation and if this behaviour even slightly starts to reoccur then I would end things


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  • Does he ever like pictures that other girls post? Anyway, I don't think he will actually change.