Do guys only mention girls they are serious about?

I've been talking to a guy and just wondering if he had a girlfriend. Do guys tell other girls about other girls they are talking to? Or do they only mention ones they are serious about? Like a girlfriend. He never talks about other girls with me. But I noticed on his Twitter page him getting close to another girl. Not sure if she is a girlfriend?


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  • If he likes u he will most likely not bring up other girls when he is with you or else it may scare u away and make u think he likes someone else when he actually likes u. If he brings up other girls even if he just has lots of friends that are girls he will only bring um up if he views you as a friend in my opinion. Can't guarantee though cause everyone is different.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes if a girl is his girlfriend, if he is a good guy, he will tell you or like most guys, they won't tell you and you won't ever know unless you catch him. What makes you think he is gettin close to her?

    • I can't tell if they are just good friends or more but she talks about how grateful she is for him. She talks about making him soft and how he is obsessed with her.