Why does this girl like him and not me?

I like this pretty girl, she's 23 years old, but she likes another guy and I don't understand why. He doesn't have a job, he's 23, he's poor, he's a skinny skater dude, he's a bum, he's weird, and he's introverted. Me on the other hand, I have a job, I'm younger (I'm 18), I have a toned body, I do sports, i'm nice, i'm extroverted, and I have a great personality.


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  • It's simple. You're 18. I wouldn't even consider dating younger until I was 25 and even then more then 1-2 years was a big deal. Now 5 years wouldn't be such a big deal but come on, if you're from the states or Canada you're not even legal drinking age...

    • Yeah, but he's broke without a job and no education. What could she like about that?

    • Girls like a challenge, maybe she thinks he's going to change for her. We're natural born nurturers, we like feeling like we're needed and we like taking care of our men. Also, being an introvert isn't a bad thing, a lot of introverts come off mysterious and people like mystery, it keeps things interesting. I'm not saying this guy was the better choice or anything, but you can't help who you're attracted to. Something in him sparks her interest and unfortunately there's nothing you can do that's going to change that. Keep doing what you're doing though, as in stay on the right track, you seem to have your shit together and that's something mature women respect.

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  • There is no rhyme or reason and if you are insisting on receiving a logical answer, you will be frustrated and disappointed. The rules of attraction are never understood and the patterns we see in others usually make no sense. If she isn't into you, just accept that this is the way it is, and move on.


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  • You're an infant compared to the other guy. Most women her age wouldn't even consider dating a teenager.

    • Yeah, but he's broke without a job and no education. What could she like about that?

    • Maybe she's the type who likes fixer uppers or maybe there are things about him you don't know.

  • Exactly.

    • Exactly what?

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    • and you are too young, maybe she wants a matured one. They're both 23 right

    • What's wrong with being extroverted? I thought that was better than being introverted. What makes a broke guy who doesn't work and who doesn't go to college special?

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