If a guy is attracted to you, do you approx have him or wait for him to approach you🙈?

some ladies say it's the guy skin to approach, I somewhat agree it's part of being a man I suppose.😌 But I've seen women take the lead and start talking first. I'm curious what type of womdn are you? Will you wait for the guy to approach you first?
Will you approach him first?
or will you just move on if he takes too long?

  • I'll be patient until he approaches me first
    43% (3)40% (2)42% (5)Vote
  • If he takes too long I'd approach him
    43% (3)20% (1)33% (4)Vote
  • If he takes too long I'd move onπŸ’
    14% (1)40% (2)25% (3)Vote
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  • If he likes me, I'll wait on him approaching me. If it takes him forever just to talk to me I get fed up and move on. If its me that has a crush on a guy I'll approach him.

  • I wait for him. I don't approach guys, I know it's bad but I can't.


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