We still love each other but we decided to end it and try again in the future, will it work out in our favor?

My now ex and I had a talk with each other last night. Needless to say, by the end of it, we had decided to break things off. We both agreed that he wasn't ready for a committed relationship and that we would try again when he was ready. I know it just sounds like a cringe-worthy chick flick but I told him that well try again in two years. Now, two years can be a short time or a long time, depending on who you ask. I guess I'm just looking for outside confirmation that I'm doing the right thing or doing something good for the both of us. I know there are stories that tell us that it didn't work and very few that tell us that it did. I'm leaning towards it not working honestly because people change, feelings change, as scary as it is. My biggest fear is that he won't feel the same come two years, it's a high possibility. I need something positive before I start believing that it won't work. What do you guys think will happen in two years?


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  • To be really honest, two years is a pretty long time. Both of you may meet other interesting people during this time, but you'll have to tell them off. Or maybe you'll fall for them. It can get messy.

    My suggestion is, continue seeing this guy, even if he is not ready to commit, if both of you are serious about giving it a try in the future.


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  • Would a fish who lived in the ocean willing to settle down in a small fish tank? In my point of view, there a bigger chance he won't be coming back amd make things work again. Of course I can't see it won't happen, but for me, I won't waste time to wait around or even think about it. Timing is a big matter in a relationship, if either of you are not ready, then things won't work out. What would you think if he gonna have a girlfriend later but coming back to you if he compared and feel like you are better? 2 years not a short time, many things would happen and change. I dont even know where I will be in a year.. haha anyways.. good luck :)

  • Personally my SO isn't some ill probably ever forget. he's going to be the guy whos funeral i show up at alone and say some words about the impression he made and the good memories to a handful of strangers who knew and loved him but not bearly as much as i did/do. So if that happened and it didn't work out thats what will happen. for me, the emotions wouldn't change after two years. But i guess some people let go easier than others.