Haven't seen my boyfriend in a month?

So we have been dating for 8 months we've known each other for a year he waa the 1st person I met when I moved to Texas he lives about 45-55 minutes from me. The problem is we never see each other we went 3 months w/o seeing each other and ultimately broke up bc of that he asked me to get back together and said he would make more time for me but that was a month ago and we haven't seen each other again since. I could understand if he work or went to school but he doesn't do anything all day... Me being a girl I want to be taken out and all that but we never do anything and when we do get together he's trying to do sexual stuff.. I'm not sure if I should break it off or not


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  • If you want to be taken out, why don't you take yourself out?

    After all, you have just as much chance to plan and execute a going-out-for-a-night date thing as any male. I'm pretty sure my penis doesn't fill out forms nor calls restaurants to book a table.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you can't handle it, then yes.