How do I stop overthinking everything and being so high strung?

I've been single for a while and it has really helped me calm down (i used to have anger issues and was just extremely high strung always worrying about nothing) but recently i've been talking to this guy (who has apparently liked me for about 2 years) and im starting to like him too and am considering dating him. but we haven't started dating yet and im already freaking out.
he always says he likes me and i know its because we have similar personalities but also because im so chill and open minded but at the same time he knows im feisty (which he said he really likes too) not with him because we get along so well, but with other people. i always tell him stories and he knows if he irritates me, i won't just be quiet. and i trust him but i feel like if we dated, i'd become high strung again. i'd worry about small things, i'd worry about what he's thinking, and i'd worry about our future. i dont know why it happens but im just always worried about something in relationships. how do i stop this?


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  • Stop being female.


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  • As far as I know there is no other way apart from attempting to distract yourself.