What to do with a person that tells white lies?

I'm seeing a guy that constantly tells these little white lies, never anything big, but then he obviously forgets he told a lie and comes out with the truth a few days later so i always end up finding out he lied and its really making me lose trust in him. I've talked to him about it but he keeps doing it, i know most people occasionally tell white lies but i'm not sure how to deal with it? i really don't want to constantly cause arguments over such small things but it's really getting me down


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  • He has a split personality disorder and is delusional


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  • Call him out, and say you don't appreciate the lies, because you feel it harms your relationship with him. If he continues I would suggest finding someone else

    • he seems to be under the impression that if he tells the truth i'll be upset or it'll cause an argument but the lies make me feel worse than if he just told the truth. Such as he wasn't able to see me a couple days ago cos he was really busy so he told me he was going home a day earlier than he actually was but then when he actually got things done quicker than he thought he called me and arranged to meet up. he thought saying he physically couldn't see me was better than saying he was choosing to do other stuff over seeing me

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    • yeah that's why i don't know how bothered i should be, i know he's doing it to protect my feelings but i also feel like he's doing it to make his own life easier cos he thinks he's avoiding arguments, but i wouldn't argue with him over the majority of the things he lies about, like yeah id be disappointed but it wouldn't be a fight but then when i find out he lied i get really pissed off and then it becomes a fight.

      I've talked to him about it and i do think he's trying but he lied to me again a couple days ago and i just found out and its really pissed me off but i'm not gonna see him for 2 months now and i don't wanna fight with him

    • tell him just to be honest, and if it's a minor lie than don't let it eat away at you. just let it go.

  • I don't know filler blanks

  • Shout incoherently about the privilege of their WHITE lies.


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