The ball's in his court now I'm assuming?

Okay so Saturday night my friend Nick IMs me on FB about my brother to see if he's home. Then we talked a little about my brother and then he asks me if I wanna go to a party but I had flat tires and I couldn't find anyone that wanted to go. Then he asked me if I was dating anybody and I was like 'no I haven't dated anyone since my ex in HS' (well I have they just lasted less than a week) so basically he told me that he wanted to hook up with me.. but not like relationship wise because he just got out of a 2 year relationship which I'm completely fine with because I'm not really looking for a relationship right now either. Anyway I haven't talked to him since Saturday night and he told me to call him this week and if he didn't answer to leave him a message. So I called him yesterday night (Monday night) around 7:30pm and left him a message since he didn't answer. I was hoping he'd call be back by like 2am but he never did. I got on Facebook at like 2:30am an he was on I IMed but he never responded. I'd also sent him a message earlier before I went to class but he didn't respond to that message on Facebook so that's why I decided to call him after class. Anyway.. I just don't know what I should do now if I should wait for him to call me or try calling him again or just wait to talk to him on Facebook. Also he doesn't have texting right now.


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  • hmmm, if I wer you, I would wait for him to contact you back. youve done everything you can and I believe more than you should have. if he really is interested in hooking up witchu then he will contact you. by him not replying to text, calls, fb messages, he's probably playing cat and mouse with you and he likes the chase. don't feed his ego and show him that you tried and have things in ur life that you need to do which and he will probably get at you soon. DO NOT CONTACT HIM AGAIN UNTIL HE CONTACTS YOU! oh, and when he does contact you, put him on spot and be like; hey yo watsup with all the ignoring huh? he will feel bad and never do it to you again.

  • Yep, you've made the effort. He can either respond or not.


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