Girls don't like me for me?

So girls there are girls that are attracted to me at first but then once they get to know me for me they dont seem to be interested. Like the last 2 girls I actually liked, have both shot be down after hanging out with me a couple times. I rarely find a girl whom I actually like, and am not just attracted to. I think once they see that I am weird and perhaps not the most manly man, like I love animals and I dont eat meat and I dont really care about money and would rather live a less secure life and I do talk a lot suddenly they just want to be friends. I am 6'2 and very fit, I also am successful in my professional life and have a great group of friends who go out and are also doing well so I know its my personality. But I also have no plans to change, I just dont know if a girl will actually go for me.


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  • maybe its cuz ur a modern hippy.

  • So what is your question? :)

    • my question is wtf, I find a girl who is also an animal lover, is really smart going to be a surgeon, drives me crazy. she goes out with me I take her biking, go to awesome parks lay in the grass, we kiss and next day she just wants to be friends.

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    • I actually did. "It just dosnt feel like anything more than friends for me"

    • Ask her what is missing that she doesn't feel like more than friend? She kissed you, no?

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  • Girls don't like any guys for who they are, only what they can give them They never like you for you.
    You are betting on stocks that fluctuate based on emotion... they are uninvestable.