Guaranteed this has happened to you before. am i/we in the right to be angry?

Me and girl start flirting at work, she was shy so it escalated very slowly over the course of few months. I was so sure she liked me, and a lot. so i ask her out, turns out she is seeing someone. Seeing how guys are hardwired to believe the girl they like is attracted to them i shrugged it off and assumed i just misinterpreted signs. since then she has been on and off flirty then avoiding and ignoring then flirty and so on. now the more i get over her (i did have a few months to develop feelings) the more i realize that she was infact flirting, and HARD. now im kind of pissed she led me on for so god damn long when she had hundreds of opportunities to just mention the fact she was seeing someone, and what the f is she doing now. so do i have a right to feel angry? not that im going to get mad at her or show it but i just want to know if im over reacting


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  • Or maybe you're still assuming she's attracted to you lmao


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  • Same thing has happened to myself and countless other guys.

    The best think you can do is to forget about her and forget about her leading you on.

    She really just liked the attention you gave her...

    You feel guilty you fell for her, and are upset because all she had to say earlier was mention a boyfried... but she didn't on purpose...

    You do have a right to be mad, but let out your feelings to yourself... and one day you will realize you are better than her and deserve a lot better than a girl like that.

    Just take it as a learning experience and forget about her =-)

    • Don't talk to her about it, don't give her anymore power/validation or attention from now... and be careful because she will try to play mind games... like telling you she has problems with her boyfriend, and even trying to get you to ask her out again.


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  • No. Sometimes people flirt for the sake of it. She didn't owe you anything.


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  • Aw not really, I got pretty mad too when this chick was giving me clear signs (or at least I thought) so I asked her out and she said she is in a hard spot as she just recently broke up with this dude and doesn't know what she wants. She said she can only be friends "for right now"? I feel ya man, it hurts and gets u pretty angry. As long as you don't express those feelings in front of the girl u r fine 😎

  • Ignore her forever. She was using you for an ego boost and validation, stop giving her the satisfaction. GIVE HER NOTHING!

    The next time you see her, imagine having this conversation with her...