To non-white guys in English-speaking countries - how much of an effort do you feel dating is for you?

e. g suppose we had two guys:
A - white guy, works at the bank, plays guitar
B - chinese guy, works at the bank, plays guitar
Girls would go for the white guy.

Another scenario:
C - 6ft 1 white guy, works in retail, goes jetskiing
D - 5ft11 indian guy (born and bred in the west), lawyer, goes surfing
Girls would go for the white guy

Another case:
E - 5ft 10 white guy, unemployed, dropped out of high school
F - 6ft1 arab guy, working at maccas, pursing tertiary education
Girls would go for the white guy.

How much of an effort do you think you would have to put in on the dating field?


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  • Are you seriously basing your whole mind-set off of a ton of generalizations, which I'll assume to be the case based off of the three that you listed in your question write-up? It must make you feel better to know that it's the girls' fault for not showing interest in you, versus realizing that perhaps you're lacking in areas that other guys are not.


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  • Its not overly difficult. Winning over parents and family is a bitch.


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  • It's pretty difficult for me. I don't know for a fact that it's because I'm middle eastern, but yes, it is difficult.

  • So what your post is basically saying is that white girls would pick white guys over anybody else? Haha, ok.

    • learn to read kid.. i said girls, not white girls.

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    • that is the point, retard. I said girls, not white girls.

    • I'm not going to argue with you. you said a scenario and then you said the white guy will always be chosen which isn't true.