Is she extremely shy or extremely uninterested?

A girl I work with caught my eye. Only known her a couple weeks now but I told her she was cute the first time I had a moment alone with her. Nothing really happened other than her friend also co-worker saying "are you flirting with my friend?" in a seemingly sarcastic tone. Not being discouraged, Yesterday I told her how beautiful she is. She smiled and walked away. Anyway, she seems to be avoiding eye contact except once we locked eyes for about 5 seconds. I noticed her play with her hair pretty frequently. I'll say something to her and she will respond, but won't even look at me. When I am in a group setting with her and her friend at work, It seems as though she doesn't exist. She stays silent. (Maybe observing me?). Anyway, what do you girls think?


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  • Too early to judge.. ask her to join u for a coffee and see where it takes you

  • Ask her out on a date. Then you will get your answer.


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