Guys, Have you ever started to like someone you didn't in the first place?

There's a guy I have a crush on, but sometimes I get the feeling he might not feel the same. I'm trying to get to talk to him more so he can get to know me better and maybe then he'll see me differently. Have you ever not thought twice about a girl then maybe after getting to know her your feelings changed? Do you think I still have a chance?


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  • It probably doesn't change much in terms of the snap judgment we all make when it comes to whether or not we find someone physically attractive, although someone can always look nicer or lose some weight or whatever down the road and change perceptions.

    However, I certainly feel like you can get off on the wrong foot and turn someone off with your personality and then eventually both people let their guards down again and show their true characters and generate a new found attraction for one another.


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  • Yeah. I happened to me before.

  • Yes I have more than once.