How to meet girls after college?

I graduated college a year and half ago and I'm finding it impossible to meet people. I'm working full time now at a blue collar job and haven't fully settled down into a career. I thought I would have more time to do stuff working 40 hours a week versus studying and homework because once your home from work your done. But, it's frustrating cause my friends don't go out near as much anymore and I find myself staying in some weekends. But, I'm also starting to get the urge to settle down with someone and eventually getting married versus the short lived relationships I had in college. And trouble is I'm Kind ve a shy nice guy and really only meet girls when I'm in a environment where alcohol is involved. Trouble is though most of the girls out at the clubs and bars when i do get out aren't looking for a relationship at all. And I know people say just meet people in everyday life like the grocery store. But I don't know, that just seems extremely awkward to me... people really keep to themselves especially girls unless in a party environment. And cold approaching someone is out of the question to me. I just feel I've hit a brick wall with my social life and dating ever since a graduated college.


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  • lol dude dont complain i work 60+ hours a week.

  • Hm.. Try to befriend females at parties and stuff.. Or at weddings, or any occasion. Its probably easy to make small talk at these gatherings.. Maybe could work from there..
    If all else fails id say online dating

    • Well online dating lol. Tried Tinder... never again. The crazies hangout on there. I've always met somebody at weddings. Trouble is my social network if friends has become much smaller since college and the friends I still have don't do as much anymore. So, it's tough. Not going to as many parties and not many weddings either.

    • Hmm.. Yeahi think you shoukd hust atrebd more social events. Hell, maybe go ti weddings uninvited !! Might be fun... lol jk

  • go clubbing