Where can I find men who are Vulnerable Narcissists?

In my previous post, I described how I become obsessed and clingy once I've developed romantic feelings for a guy. A Vulnerable Narcissist is my best match. I only crush on males with certain traits and mannerisms whom I believe are superior. This is not on purpose, it's just how my mind works. Once I like someone, I compliment him frequently, I suck up, I feel the need to treat him like a King, and I think about and talk about him a lot. If I could have anything in terms of romance, it would be to marry a VN with those traits and stay together for life. My brain goes crazy over males who are ambitious, assertive, bold, brave, cocky, creative, cunning, empathetic, funny, hygienic, independent, individual, intelligent, masculine, mysterious, narcissistic, protective, proud, rebellious, and smart-mouthed. I've only crushed on men who belong to the Harry Potter houses Slytherin and Gryffindor, and I prefer Slytherin. Since I'm average looking, talentless, and middle class, I'm going to aim for targets I can hit. To date me a guy does not have to be sexy, wealthy, or have all 20 traits; he simply has to be employed, a 4 or higher in looks, and has got to have at least any 4 of them. Back to VNs: they were neglected and/or abused as children and because of this they fear abandonment and loneliness and they crave and need attention and love. They alternate between feeling superior and inferior, ecstatic and melancholic, energetic and lethargic, and feeling important and worthless. They have Bi Polar Disorder and usually suffer from others as well. They are typically sad and broken people. They need constant attention, reassurance, and love or they will feel unwanted and think their partner hates them. When not treated like royalty, they have the same reaction. Do you have any idea how and where I can find them, or just guys who prefer obsessive and clingy women?


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  • Sounds strangly familiar, lol. But wouldn't say you would want a narcissist really. Someone can easily have most if not all these traits without being a narcissist. But I get the appeal anyway.

    Have to look up the term "Vulnerable Narcissists" , haven't really heard of that one before. Cause yeah jeez, strangly familiar.


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  • You are very confused.

    Many of the traits you claim to desire are near mutually exclusive.

  • A mental hospital!!!


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