Am I being naive and dumb?

I started dating a guy about a month ago, I really like him and he is the 1st guy I have opened up to since my ex. The problem is he moving out of state and the bigger potential problem is his ex. He had a lengthy relationship w her and he will still be seeing her (potential family vacas). I am willing to do the distance, but I do not want to be a rebound or for him to suddenly get together w his ex. I feel his pain because I was deeply in love w my ex, but I closed the door on him right away. He really likes me and says he feels very happy w me. Opinions?


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  • Its all about trust. Its not easy for both of you since you have been dating for a month only. I understand the feeling of that insecurty feeling. No one can tell you what to do since you know him the best. Is he trustworthy? How is the relationship between him and his ex? Like do they text sometimes or how his attitude toward her when he mentioned about her. You know his personality the best so you should know if he treat you as rebound or not. But, relationship like this such a long distance, its really hard, if you are already starting to doubt things, I will say it makes it harder to work things out in this LDR. Since more trust will be needed. Good luck though :)


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  • I think you need to let him go

  • If you really like him and you think you can trust him, then just trust him. And on the SLIM chance he does fuck around... travel there and put itching powder in his boxers ;) :-P XD


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