We've been dating for two months and I'm starting to fall for him. Does he have feelings for me?

He took his time to have sex with me, the first night we met he was extremely nervous to get my number even though he's a smooth talker, we talked all night and view things the same way, have great inside jokes, good sex, kiss passionately (and he moans while kissing), he several times has told me "I was about to say that" - we really have similar ways of thinking and are alike in significant ways - like views on life. He cuddles a ton before and after sex and our sex life is very intimate (lots of eye contact, close etc).

I have the best time with him, and am falling. However I'm so so so afraid that this is only physical for him, are those signs its more than physical or could be more than physical for him or not? I thought I could feel his feelings in his kisses but I guess I was wrong since I read on many sites his way of kissing does not mean much.

I see him once or twice a week max, because of schedules I think but lately I've been initiating most of our dates, though when he's busy he rearranges his schedule to see me.

In a few days it will have been two months, we still haven't talked about exclusivity or feelings. I had a month ago invited him to my best friend's wedding thinking it would be fun, and he declined forcefully saying it was not his thing.


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  • Nonpoint wasting time here on gag, you already know exactly what you want and no one on here is going to be able to answer your question about him. Only he knows the answer so talk to him about it. You better do it soon too before you get even more attached.


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  • It sounds like he has feelings for you. If you can feel a connection and it feels real, then yeah. I think he's not just in the relationship for the physical things. he sounds very kind, and the things like eye contact, and liking to hug you sound like genuine things. If a guy was only in it for the physical side of things, then i don't think he would really take the time to hug you and kiss you and make deep eye contact, etc with you.
    Anyway, that's just my opinion

    Best of luck xx


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  • if you can't tell give it some time I've been dating my lovely lady for 2 years, i knew i loved her from the get go but it took her as long as a year to say it back. just give it time and you'll know


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  • The mistake women make is to give guys sex before commitment. This whole thing would have been avoided if you took sex off the table and made him actively pursue you OUTSIDE the bedroom first. The only way you'll ever know if he has feelings for you is to have the "what are we" conversation. Unfortunately there's no way around it. Two months is enough time for him to know if he has romantic feelings or not, considering how far you have advanced and the amount of time you've spent together. If he still has no idea or can't even give you anything to work with then unfortunately he is just not interested enough. He should by now be able to say if there's potential or not, if not be open to becoming exclusive.