Girls, how should I react?

I dated a girl approx. a year ago. It didn't really work for her and I had planned a trip to South America so I would have been away for 3 months anyway. However I was kinda heartbroken. I tried to let her go, but you know... Some weeks ago I saw her twice since we have got some mutual friends, but we just said hello. Last Saturday I met her again at a barbecue and we had a quick but good chat. she also asked if she will see me again at a festival at the end of the month. which I found a bit odd. the next day she sent me a facebook request. Do you think she wants me to contact her again? I thought about to invite her for a casual barbecue at a friends house next week. there will be also some people she knows. I also have no other rational reason to text her haha. Help is appreciated, thanks! (not native English speaker :P )


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  • If she sent you a friend request and is asking if she'll see you again, then it's safe to assume she wants ongoing contact.

  • Never contact your exes ever again. Nothing good ever comes of it. Just stay away. Facebook friend requests are not an invitation to start things up again; she probably just wants to be able to creep you more easily.